Camp Manitou has a vast range of programs and activities to choose from. Click on any activity below to find out more information!


Nature based arts at Camp Manitou connect campers and students with the outdoors in a creative and decorative way. Create your own take home design or craft and have your own souvenir of your time at camp!

Let our staff lead you through this traditional meal made over the camp fire. Can be done in winter as well – just make sure to stick close to the fire to keep warm!

Our indoor bouldering wall is 16 feet wide by 14 feet tall and fun for all ages! Get started with a simple colour path across and work your way up to more challenging paths. Can you find every pathway across the wall?

Learn this vital camping skill at Camp Manitou! Our trained staff will lead you through the safety of starting and maintaining a fire and how to make sure that when you pack up, you ‘leave no trace’ behind.

Walk through over 2 miles of trails at Camp Manitou and see how many different plants and animals you can spot on our nature scavenger hunt! All while learning about nature, history of the area and surprising facts!

Do you know how to work a compass? Come on down to orienteering at Camp Manitou and we guarantee you will be an expert before you leave! Race through our orienteering course, keep your eyes open, and see who will be the ultimate compass master.

Tents are fun, but you can still enjoy camping without one. Did you know that there are many different ways to tie a knot? Camp Manitou staff will show you what you can use in nature to set up a shelter and how to make your own tent out of only a rope and a tarp!

At Camp Manitou we have so many fun games that you can play! Come join us for floor hockey, field games, basketball, Frisbee, soccer, dodgeball, and so much more!

Learn how to work together! At camp you can learn all about working in teams and helping each other out by playing lots of different fun activities and games. Let us show you how!

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Can you hit the bullseye? Archery is a fun and safe activity for all ages! Come channel your inner Robin Hood at our outdoor wilderness archery range.

What could be more fun than biking through the forest covered paths of Camp Manitou?

One of our newest and most exciting adventure activities at Camp Manitou! Come test your skills at our 25 foot, 6 sided climbing wall. Can you make it to the top?

Come test your skills as a fisherman on the lakes of the Assiniboine River. Our fishing experts will have you catching a fish in no time! No experience needed!

This adventure playground is our newest activity at camp. Fun for all ages it provides a challenging course of tarzan ropes, floating bridges, tight rope walk, and much more! Test it out and see if you can beat the fastest time..

Come for a dip and cool off from the summer heat in our pool! Camp Manitou has an outdoor pool that is open during the summer months, subject to weather conditions. The pool is available according to Manitoba health regulations and Camp Manitou policies.

It’s fun to splash around! Cool off at our water games station. Try out drip drip drop, slip and slide, and many more! Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Fly through the air on 145 foot our zipline! Do a trick, sail like a bird, or flip upside down; either way, you’re bound to have a blast!


Come test out this fun game that originated in Canada! Broomball is a great way to get out on our NEW skating rink. Lots of fun and no skates required!

Enjoy the beauty of winter at Camp Manitou in 20 acres of forest right along the river. We have complimentary skis available for your group!

Outdoor skating is a winter staple in Canada. Go for a skate, grab a hockey stick, even play a little shinny. Getting chilly? Head into our heated dressing rooms to warm up!


Come join us to play in the snow! Who wants to build snow forts?

Another beautiful way to enjoy nature in the wintertime. Snowshoes available to all rental groups!

Come test our man made toboggan slide! Toboggans included.

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