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Training Courses (Certified and Non-certified)


First Aid and Safety – Emergency, Standard, Workplace, Childcare, Marine Basic, WHMIS, ASIST Suicide Prevention First Aid, Psychological First Aid

Youth Programs – Babysitting, Stay Safe, Financial Literacy

Land Based Leadership/Outdoor Training – Remote (20hr), Wilderness First Aid (40hr), Outdoor Council of Canada, Paddle Canada, Leave No Trace, Project Wild, Land Based Games, Outdoor Education

Team Building

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True North Youth Foundation (Camp Manitou) is implementing a Training Centre to better serve our organization as well as the greater community in Winnipeg and the Province. Courses and Team Building may be facilitated at Camp Manitou (True North Youth Foundation), or we are able to come to you.  As we assess the needs of our clients, we will continue to add to the Courses we offer.

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For scheduled onsite courses being offered, please see the list of courses below with a description of the courses at the bottom of the page.  To register, click on the following link.   It will ask you to create a profile and then allow you to register. 

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Course Information

Onsite Training Courses

All courses listed here will take place at Camp Manitou – 850 Green Oaks Lane East Headingley, MB.

Date and Time Course Name Ages Price
February 3, 2024 9am – 5pm Red Cross Babysitting Course 11 – 13 $85
March 30, 2024 9am – 5pm Red Cross Babysitting Course 11 – 13 $85
March 28, 2024 9am – 5pm Youth Stay Safe Course 10 + $65
February 10, 2024 9am – 5pm Emergency First Aid w/ CPR and AED 16+ $85
February 10/11, 2024   9am – 5pm Standard First Aid w/ CPR and AED 16+ $135
March 16/17, 2024 8am – 6pm Remote First Aid 16+ $225
March 16/17 & 23/24, 2024 Wilderness First Aid 16+ $400
May 14/15, 2024 8am – 6pm Remote First Aid 16+ $225
May 14 – 17, 2024 8am – 6pm Wilderness First Aid 16+ $400
June 1 – 2 and 8th, 2024 9am – 5pm Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leadership Course (Hiking 1st and 2nd / Canoeing 1st and 8th) 16+ $135
June 9, 2024 8am – 6pm Paddle Canada Introductory Tandem or Solo Canoe certification course 14+ $95 (Course only) Canoe Rental $25

Red Cross Babysitting Course – Leadership / Decision Making / Stages of Growth / Childcare / Activities / First Aid / Safety. This course is for youth ages 11 – 13 and is an 8-hour course.

Red Cross Stay Safe Course – Responsibilities / Safe Choices / Routines / Being Prepared / Healthy Choices / First Aid / Problem Solving. This course is for youth ages 10 – 13 and is an 8-hour course.

Red Cross Childcare First Aid – This course is for anyone working in a Childcare setting. It focuses on First Aid and Medical conditions relevant to young children. It is offered as both Emergency and Standard First Aid and includes CPR-A/AED. 

Red Cross Emergency First Aid (EFA – Workplace Basic) – Preparing to Respond / Check, Call, Care / Choking / Circulation Emergencies / Breathing Emergencies / Wound Care / CPR-C & AED. This course is a one-day course.

Red Cross Standard First Aid (SFA – Workplace Intermediate) – All of the EFA plus the following: Head, Neck, Spine / Bone, Muscle, Joint / Medical Emergencies / Environmental Emergencies / Poisons. This course is a two-day course.

Red Cross Remote First Aid (Equivalent to Wilderness First Aid) – For individuals who live, work or spend time in non-urban, wilderness locations located less than 3 hours from organized health care and planned time in Wilderness is a Day Trip. Participants will learn skills and strategies from providing care in a remote setting for up to 24 hours. This will include Planning, Prevention, and Situational Awareness as well as First Aid.  A Wilderness & Remote Field Guide is included in the course costs. This is a 20-hour course.

Red Cross Wilderness First Aid (Equivalent to Advanced Wilderness First Aid) – For Individuals who are Professional Guides, Parks Officials, work in Recreation, Ecotourism or take Groups into the Wilderness (Camps/Scouts etc…) or spend time in the wilderness where you are 3 or more hours from organized health care or challenging environments with varied risk levels.  (Please ensure that you have checked organizational requirements to ensure that you register for the correct course). Includes Planning a multi-day trip, Prevention, Health and Wellness of Group, Leadership skills, Assessment, Extended care and decision making, Communication and First Aid. A Wilderness & Remote Field Guide is included in the course costs. This is a 40-hour course.

Outdoor Council of Canada Field Leadership Course – For Individuals bringing groups to an outdoor environment. This course focuses on leadership skills and attributes required to take a group outdoors and provide an effective framework for Risk Management. This course is beneficial for outdoor clubs, camps, outfitters, schools, community programs, outdoor centres, or any other context where outdoor activities are part of programming in low-risk terrain. It is complimentary to other Wilderness Courses that offer Wilderness First Aid, Technical skills and other.  We offer both the Hiking and/or Canoeing Risk Management course. This is a two-day course.

Living Works ASIST Suicide Prevention First Aid – LivingWorks ASIST is a two-day in-person workshop for individuals or groups (16+) featuring powerful audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations where you will learn how to recognize:

  • When someone may be thinking about suicide.
  • How to provide a skilled intervention and develop a safety plan with the person to connect them to further support.
  • Consider how personal and community attitudes about suicide affect someone’s openness to seek help and your ability to provide it.
  • Increase your willingness, confidence, and capacity to provide suicide first aid.

Two knowledgeable, supportive trainers will guide you through the course, ensuring a comfortable and safe learning environment.

Red Cross Psychological First Aid – This course is for individuals (14+), workplaces and organizations wanting to learn preventative measures in anticipating stress whenever possible and equipping yourself with the skillset to practice self-care and to provide care for others during times of stress, crisis or trauma. The following are included in the course:

  •  How to anticipate stress and crisis whenever possible.
  •  The effects of stress, loss, trauma, and grief.
  •  How to build and use a personal self-care plan.
  •  The skillset to practice self-care and to provide care for others during difficult times.
  •  How to access the various specialized supports that are available to anyone experiencing distress.

Note: Unlike mental health first aid, which trains people to help someone during a mental health emergency, Red Cross Psychological First Aid teaches you how to build up resiliency to stress and establish coping strategies.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) – This course is a requirement for most workplaces who have employees who have contact with and/or work with any chemicals. It covers Responsibilities, Labels, Symbols, Safety Data Sheets, Routes of Entry and Risk Management. 

Paddle Canada Introductory Lake Tandem Canoe and/or Solo Canoe – Whether you are a recreational paddler or needing your certification for work or a volunteer position, Paddle Canada’s Introductory Canoe will give you a solid foundation of paddling skills which include Safety and Rescue, Strokes, Paddling Skills, Maneuvers, Concepts, General Knowledge.

Project Wild – Project Wild is activities and games geared to youth that teach environmental principles/knowledge to help youth understand our connection to the natural world around us.

Leave No Trace – This course is for anyone, adult or youth, who works in or is a recreational user of our Outdoor spaces.  The course teaches the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace focusing on best practices to preserve our Wilderness.  These principles can also encourage individuals to also think about how they can transfer to urban settings as well. 

Red Cross Marine Basic First Aid – This course is Standard First Aid with an additional component focused on Marine emergencies.  This course is certified by Transport Canada and meets their requirements for smaller commercial vessels.

Team Building – Camp Manitou offers Team Building / Leadership workshops for Youth and Adults.  You can use our program or customize your own. Please contact us for more information.

                      Questions, please contact Audrey Hicks, Manager of Training and Risk Management or 204-305-0141