As a member Camp of the Manitoba Camping Association, one of our goals as a Training Centre is to provide training to other Camps to help ensure you have the certified staff you need. We provide a 25% discount on course fees (materials and professional fees not included in discount). Group courses can be held at Camp Manitou or at a location convenient to you. (Mileage charged for off-site courses).  We will also be offering on-site courses that individuals can sign up for as well, if you do not have enough staff to run a group course. The following are the courses that we currently offer, with more courses to be offered as we continue to develop the Training Centre:

  • Wall Climbing Belay
  •  First Aid (Basic, Emergency and Standard (include CPR and AED)
  • Marine Basic First Aid
  • Wilderness First Aid (Regular and Advanced)
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Outdoor Council of Canada – Outdoor Leadership (Hiking and Canoeing)
  •  WHMIS
  • Risk Management
  • Canoe/Kayak Basic Skills

Please click on the following link, to fill out a Group Course application:

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Please click on the following link to see what Courses for Individuals are being run.  Links to register for those will be on the Course page.

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If you would like a description of course content, please go to the Main Training Centre page and scroll down. 

If you have any questions or would like a conversation as to how we can help your Camp, please email Audrey at or call 204-305-0141.